Changing Leaves: Celebrating Achievement & Inspiring Peace

Changing Leaves: Celebrating Achievement & Inspiring Peace

As the leaves turn beautiful colors and a new season begins, it’s the perfect time to think about how we embrace change. Evolving and adapting as the world changes gives us strength to endure adversity and to flourish again when the time is right. Leaves are a symbol for growth too, reminding us to nurture our own green shoots of hope.


At Girl Up, we’re inspired by the powerful symbolism of leaves. Our Leaves Collection celebrates two of the most meaningful leaf symbols: the laurel leaf and the olive leaf.

The laurel leaf is a symbol of victory and glory. Romans wore them to celebrate triumphs, from the Olympic competitions to their elections. But the symbolism goes even deeper than that. Apollo made the laurel leaf his emblem, making it the symbol of creativity, worn by poets and artists. Nobel laureates and poet laureates refer to the laurel leaf garlands given to celebrate these achievements.

Today many colleges honor the traditions linking laurel leaves to achievement by incorporating laurel garlands and wreaths into their graduation ceremonies. Laurel leaves are associated with education now too.


The Girl Up Laurel Leaf Jewelry celebrate your victories, large and small. They are also a reminder that you have the creativity to achieve anything you put your mind to.

The other leaf that inspires our autumn jewelry collection is the olive leaf, a global symbol of peace and friendship. A branch of olive leaves surrounds the globe on the blue and white flag of the United Nations as a symbol of world peace.

Olive leaves are associated with Athena, the ancient Greek goddess who is the original fearless girl: wise, fierce and just.

When Zeus proposed a contest between Athena and Poseidon for the rule of the capital, Poseidon smashed his trident on the rock of the Acropolis, creating a life-giving freshwater spring. Athena created the olive tree with its silvery-green leaves and rich fruit. The citizens chose Athena’s gift, naming the city Athens after her.

Athena’s connection to olive leaves means that peace comes through wisdom, courage and justice. Giving creates strength.


The Girl Up Olive Leaf rings, necklaces and charms empower you to use your wisdom and strength to create peace and justice. Wear them to celebrate the friendships that mean the most to you.

We wear our Leaf Jewelry Collection to be the change we wish to see in the world - the perfect fall inspiration. We are all individual leaves growing stronger through our connecting roots and branches to the global community tree of Girl Up.

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